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54 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. I have had K & K pickups installed in two of my vintage Guild guitars by Joe at Service Guitar. Everything turned out perfect and I could not be happier! Joe went out of his way to help get my guitars to his shop and did a fast,professional install. Besides being an incredibly talented musician,Joe really knows guitars inside and out!.

  2. A few months ago, i had a pretty big gig out of state and needed to have a new acquisition of mine set up and ready to play by the time i left, I called joe and told him i was leaving in 2 days and he had it done for me the next day!

    Joe has set up 3 of my guitars in the time that i have known him, and now i wont go to anyone else. My guitars have never played better. He has also done nut replacement on my electrics, and saddle replacement on my acoustic. He is a true pro and so willing to help make your vision come to pass.

  3. Joe serves his customers with the greatest degree of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. His setups always exceed my expectations and are of high quality and lasting value. If requested, he will turn a guitar around quickly in urgent need situations.

    Joe may even provide customers door to door delivery in his Caddy if circumstances permit!

    I recommend Joe without reservation.

    • Hey Joe, Ron Wrolson Here! Joe is rebuilding my latest acquisition, an 86 EDS 1275. I expect it will thrill me as much as the USA Custom Telecaster he just assembled this month also. Amazingly small world!

  4. Incorporated Elements has always known Joe Riggio to be among the best the music world has to offer. We have been nothing but pleased with every bit of work Joe has done for us. His talent and attention to detail are TOP NOTCH.

    Joe is genuine and honest. The passion he has for his art inspires us to be the best at what we do.

    Thank you Joe!

    Nate Thacker

  5. To all f you who want a quality repair on your guitar or an upgrade to new hot pickups, Joe is the guy, He has worked on almost all my guitars (12 of them) and they play and sound like a dream after he is done..i trust his work and i trust him…

    Roy Parkison
    lead guitar for Renegade Train

  6. Joe,

    I just got home and found the invoices in my e-mail. Thanks for two more great set-ups/adjustments. Adam, my step-son noticed improvement and says thanks for the string change etc. About the Potomac, I said it was “right outta the box,” actually it was at Kennelly Keys Music for about a month and I have had the guitar about two months. There have been no adjustments to the guitar. It may need a string change. The guitar actually seems to stay in tune pretty well although a couple of the tuners seem tighter or looser than the others, may not be a big deal. I try to teach my sons about having a “major-league” attitude about things, being gentlemen, treating people fairly; you are all of those things and a real pro. Thanks for everything. I will watch the e-mail for the estimated finish date on the Potomac. Feel free to post this as an unsolicited comment, should you ever need the advertising. I promise not to ramble so much in the future.

    Rick Monzon

  7. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for installing the Lollar in my Alamo. Like a lot of collector/players, I really favor the funky old vintage guitars for thier kitschiness, but also because this particular guitar, the Fiesta just plays so easily. That said, it needed serious attention since the electronics were original and noisy and, as you pointed out, the first couple of frets had been ‘A’ed’ to death from years of playing ‘Louie, Louie’ and ‘Gloria’.

    So, thank you for replacing the first three frets (can’t even tell, except that they look factory new now) and thanks especially for the Lollar pup. It really does make this little guitar a monster, with very noticeable sustain and growly bottom. Exactly what it needed.

    I’ll be back with more guitars!


  8. Joe,
    Thanks for fixing my Tele Bass, now it is perfect !!
    It’s great to have someone that I trust taking care of my guitars. I can tell you appreciate them as much as I do.

  9. I began my music career in 1955 and became a professional electric bassist in 1964. For over 45 years I have made my living in music, principally as a bassist. Double degrees with a Master’s in music composition with an Emmy. Years with the gang in Hollywood…. Numerous church worship teams and Praise concerts.

    FINALLY! FINALLY! I have found someone who both cares aboout my instruments and also pays professional attention to my instruments as much as I myself do! Thanks Joe! Believe me, there is no better set-up man… repair man… custom innovation man… ANYTHING man that I know of. I would not be the bassist I am today if I did not have Joe Riggio on “my team.”

    Don’t be a chump; put Riggio on YOUR team!

    Marc (an ol’ fart who still kicks it bad!) Waszkiewicz

  10. I have been taking my guitars to Joe for the last ten years. Over that time I have had routine setups, pickup installations (including routing), bridge replacements, add-ons, etc. About 4 months ago I had some fret work done and my guitar has never sounded better! I have had my guitar serviced by others, but when returned from Joe my expectations are always exceeded.

    Thanks Joe for all of your great work!

  11. Joe has set up guitars for me for quite a long time now. Each time the guitar comes back to me way better than before, once he has had a chance to work his magic. The action is always perfect and the buzzes and minor annoyances dissapear. I’ve tried the ‘big name’ luthiers in Seattle. No thanks, Joe knows his stuff.

  12. I was having a problem with my input and Joe fixed it right up. He also set up my bass and it has never played better. I will definitely be going to Joe for all my guitar repair needs in the future. The man does a GREAT job and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is need of some repair work. Thanks Joe!

  13. I’ve done business with Joe for more than a few years, now. His work never disappoints! I’ve been playing guitar since 1984 and he knows what I prefer/like in an instrument. It’s always nice to drop a guitar off and know that the work will meet/exceed those higher expectations, without having to explain so much of what oughta be done. He just knows it. I wish he lived closer to my house (35 miles away) Considering the EXCELLENT work and relationship I’ve forged with Joe, it’s very much worth my time and effort.

    Thanks, Mr. Riggio

  14. Joe did a complete set up and electronics upgrade on my year-old Gibson SG standard. He took out the stock circuit board (I didn’t even know they put circuit boards in Gibsons now) and put in new pots and vintage Sprague Bumble Bee capacitors. He even put in a new switch without charging me extra. The guitar now plays and sounds fantastic! Thanks Joe!

  15. Recently I had a 1940s era Gibson Banjo refurbished and appraised by Joe Riggio, not being a musician myself I certainly appriciated how much better the Banjo looked after Joe had done his magic at what i considered to be a very fair price, it wasnt until the banjo was received by its rightful owner whom I shipped it to the same day I picked up from Joe. When he called in appriciation of the gift he praised Joe’s work greatly! I was thrilled and will absolutley refer any business of this nature I run across Joe’s direction. Thank you again Joe and may the Lord bless you and yours.

  16. Hey Joe,

    You can contact Melvin Edge for the Fender Mexy Strat I brought into you today 2/1/11 at 253-985-5504 .. Thanks Bro and i forgot to ask you about my Ukelele Strings for my Bushman Baritone Ukelele. Let me know when you have them in and I will make my way to ya. Thanks ,
    Adam Hunt

  17. Joe,

    Thanks for a job well done. It’s like night and day playing my guitar now from before your set up!.

    Thanks again,

    Ken Nutt

  18. Joe,

    You are a rare breed. I have dealt with many Luthiers and guitar repair establishments in my time. Many.

    When I dropped one of my prized custom guitars to you, I knew it was in good hands but when I got it back, I could tell that you were meticulous in your approach to the setup and it showed in its playability.

    Thank you. I am lucky to have found you.

    Victor Ratz

  19. I have had Joe apply tender loving care to my prized 1976 Fender Strat as well as my beloved Gibson L6S custom, and have been very happy with the tune ups and set up for both of these guitars. If you want someone to treat your prized guitars as you would, I highly recommend Joe.

    Brad Nelson

  20. Joe is simply the BEST guitar tech I have ever met. I have had him work on my guitars for me for about 15 years now, and I am always impressed with the care and extra effort he puts into his craft. Obviously, Joe views guitars the same way I do…they are not simply inanimate objects, but musical spirits, to be treated with care and respect. I recently took my 62 Strat re-issue to Joe for a full set up. What I got back is the best guitar I have ever played. Simply awesome.

    On top of all of this, Joe is simply a really great person. I consider myself very lucky to have his services, and to have him as a friend .

  21. I just got my 98 Godin SD back from Joe @ Service Guitar Repair. I had him install a new 5 way pickup selector and mod the guitar with a coil tap. Since Joe only uses quality components, he turned my Sub par Godin into a superior playing and sounding instrument. The single coils never sounded so good. Before you trade your old tired guitar for a shiny new one, let Joe work his magic!!! He is one of a kind.

  22. ok man….you really are midas, you know what? that sea foam strat plays like i never thought it could. i mean, i am not good or anything, but i can tell when the neck is right (at least for me). so, i definitely want you to look at the other necks on my other guitars along the way and because i now know what the neck should feel like, i will have to have them leveled now (at least partially) because there is no comparison.

    as for the tele that we put flats on, well…wow, too! i love it and even though playing the flats feels like chicken wire right now, i think i can get into them and let that cool vibe work for me. i can’t bend like the others, but i love the warm sound and how it plays. so, thanks joe, really.

  23. I dropped two of my guitars off with Joe for his Deluxe Setup, I am sure I will only trust him with repairs/setups on any others. Joe’s setup on my LP with a Floyd Rose was dead on accurate (those complaining on the internet that these won’t stay in tune need to have Joe do the setup). The other guitar was “playable” before, but just plays and sounds so much better now!

  24. If your looking to find a honest and caring guitar tech,look no further,if your reading these comments then you should have already realized that your in the right place!I have know Joe for many years around 18 or so.i met Joe at Guitar Maniacs years ago.I have found a friend and a Guitar tech that is AWESOME! Joe Has worked on all of the many guitars i have and have owned.the first guitar i let Joe work on for me was a Fender Stratocaster And there only happen two be 210 of this custom guitar in the world.it was perfect when i got it back,and Joe has since over many years been my guitar tech.he has also helped shape some of my adventurous curiosity,and i have found myself experimenting in different styles and different types of guitars.from strat to tele from rosewood to maple,from 1/2 step tuning too 440 tuning.Hey Joe,just so you know i myself want you to succeed and you are doing just that by helping all of us.thanks so much and you will remain my tech for ever,y6our the best.THE TELECASTER IS AWESOME!

  25. Joe gets huge props from me for his service above and beyond expectations. I had just recently bought an Ibanez bass online as a backup and received it with one pickup that was non-adjustable. The factory guys had missed one of the pilot holes and just cranked the screw into the wood. I’d driven down from Everett, and Joe offered to do the work while I grabbed some coffee. A short while later, I was back on my way home with the bass, nicely repaired, saving me from another long drive, or worse, shipping the bass back to the vendor.

  26. Joe has has recently installed a K&K pickup in a Martin D35 for me, and earlier this year had repaired a crack in the top of my mandolin as well as installing a K&K pickup in it. His work is first rate and in the case of the mandolin, the repair has been solid to date.
    I appreciate the straight forward approach Joe takes when I do business with him, really a great person with a positive attitude.
    I echo many others sentiments; Joe is the best!

  27. Hi Joe!
    I wanted to let you know the electronic work you did for my Warmoth LP-DC worked perfectly! It’s exactly what I wanted.

    The volume taper is very natural and transparent. The treble bleed mod really minimized the HF loss at reduced volumes! There’s a lot of different usable tones with killer dynamics and clarity available now!

    Thanks again for the incredibly fast turnaround time!! You have definitely won a new customer with your attention to detail and excellent workmanship!!


  28. ” I got, 2 Tickets to paradise ” courtesy of Joe. I took in my old worn out Rickenbacker 4001 (1974) bass and a brand new Dean bass (bought on the internet). Joe did a killer job on both. the Rick had terrible intonation from years of fret wear, high action was necessary, playability was poor. Tthe new bass was not properly adjusted coming off the assembly line. Joe did a light re-crowning on the Rick and the intonation is true throughout the neck. It plays better than EVER, and I’ve had this bass since 1983. the new Dean is now a dream, flat and low action, perfect intonation everywhere.

    I am amazed at the level of playability that Joe delivers. I can actually play better, faster and sharper chops. It is a “must” to get your axe tuned by JOE. Just Do it ! ” I guarantee it “. Thank you Joe !

  29. Hey, Joe…Just wanted to let you know that I’m still very happy with the work you did on my Gretch Electromatic arch-top. I was very unhappy with the factory humbuckers and had brough you a couple GFS custom FilterTron “Memphis” model pickups to put in; you also gave it your quality set-up. The work you did was awesome and the it sounds and plays like I hoped it would; it’s a one of a kind guitar now…Thanks. Steve Beane

  30. I recently started playing guitar again after a hiatus due to a hand injury. I purchased a Squire Standard Strat (budget driven) and soon noticed a buzz on the high E third fret. I took my guitar to Joe and explained my injury, hiatus and issues with the new guitar. Joe did an outstanding job. I got the guitar home and realized I had wanted the guitar set up up for E-flat. I contacted Joe and he reset the guitar for E-flat on a quick turnaround. The guitar plays like a dream! I honestly can’t tell the difference between my Squire and Fender, string height perfect, intonation spot on. Playability is silky, smooth and fast. Joe took the time to listen to my needs, and the level of customer service was excellent. I can’t wait to see the results on my acoustic and I plan on having him restore an heirloom mandolin. Thanks Joe!

    Al Morales

  31. Joe …, Just a short note to thank you again for an outstanding job on
    my Xaviere VX890 ! It plays like a dream and stays in perfect tune with
    all my dives and pulls ! You are a kind and honest man Joe . May God
    all ways be with you and your family. Urmas Saagim

  32. Joe,
    I can’t say enough about your service. My 1991 Taylor Acoustic plays great the set up is perfect. The peace of mind on the crack repair is worth much more than what you charge. Thanks again!
    Al Morales

  33. Joe,
    Thank you for your patience, you made my G & L guitar a playable & enjoyable instrument & I thank you again for that, if your reading this about Service Guitar just go with Joe you will be glad you did.
    Richard Gerber

  34. Hi would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re working with? I’m
    looking to start my own blog soon but I’m having a difficult time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking
    for something completely unique. P.S My apologies for being
    off-topic but I had to ask!

  35. Hey Joe, just wanted to say you did an amazing job on my sg! it plays better than ever and feels so smooth. thanks again for going the extra mile. i look forward to having more work done in the future.

  36. Hello, My name is Robert. I have an unfinished USACG Dinky S alder body I would like finished in maybe a lacquer honeyburst. Was given your contact info by USACG. I live in Tricities. I’m a personal friend of Randy Hansen and his brother Glen who lives over here. Glen and I are putting together a Christian Rock/Fusion band which has been a dream of ours for a while. The dinky s H/S/S is perfect for that style music. Kind of patterning the guitar after the Suhr Guthrie Govan signature model. How long would it take to do this finish? What’s the wait list like? What is your pricing like? Thank you, Robert

    • Cant refinish your guitar, just wondering if you are Josh from the band Hard Times of the early ’80’s in Mt. Home Id. Cause i was the drummer for that band and have played in many more since then. If not please disreguard and accept my apology. Russ 870-754-7555

  37. Joe did a superb job setting up and dialing in my partscaster that I had been unhappy with after previous work elsewhere. Its like a different (and great) guitar now. His command of the nuances that make a difference, his ability to draw out solutions from his experience, and his gift as a good listener to the player’s goals and preferences really set him above the rest.

  38. I have been hearing about Joe for sometime, A lot of my local musician friends swear by him, well I finally had a problem that was over my head and having a considerable investment in this new to me guitar, I took it to Joe. He took the time and attention that was needed on this Les Paul, when I got it home I worked up a sweat, it just screamed.. From songs…because of you, to stranglehold, Never sounded better, I have a few more projects I will be sending Joe. Thanks.

  39. Joe,

    There is little doubt you are devoted to service in caring for fine instruments.

    My Goodall KGC fretboard is better than new. Finally, smooth slides.

    Mahalo nui loa.


  40. Thanks, Joe, for working on my trusty late 70’s S.D. Curlee bass. The neck feels great now. No more noisy pots or worn out jack either. I appreciate you getting it done while I was on a short stay in Tacoma.

  41. Joe just completely & painstakingly refinished my Fender American Deluxe Telecaster. I’m sure that removing the 1/8″ of poly-goo in which Fender coated the guitar was no easy task. After hitting wood, Joe refinished (and set-up) the guitar and it’s perfect! The guitar looks amazing and, perhaps more importantly, plays and sounds better than it ever has. The neck feels better, the fingerboard sounds tight, articulate, and crisp, and the guitar is more resonant overall. Thank you, Joe!

  42. I feel guilty for taking so long to leave a comment about how good joe really is. A few years back I had joe restring and make neck adjustments on a old Tobias Killer B- 5. I bought new. I am amazed at how good this bass still sounds today. I later brought him a Carvin 5 string fretless that I ordered from the factory to make sure I had the best set up for me. Same results. He advised me to continue using the same gage strings he made the adjustments with and I should be in good shape for a long time. He was right. Time flew by and I never got around to leaving a comment. SORRY. Been playing bass since the 80’s. Paid a lot for my equipment. His service fees are fair. I’ve gotten years of enjoyment playing these great sounding basses joe worked on. I now have a NXT-5 upright. won’t take it to anybody else. Guess i’ll be seeing you again soon. Thanks Joe.

  43. My 35 year old Epiphone NO-180 Acoustic sounds great ever since Joe set it up. I got it an auction and though it had been well cared for, the action was high and the saddle needed replaced. Thanks Joe!

  44. Hi. Dan Yablonka from Dan Yablonka Guitars (“Axes of E-Ville”). Joe Riggio has been doing refin and restoration work for my Vintage Guitar Biz in So Cal. Refins …. repaired cracks and restorations and his work is JUST STELLAR and with Vintage stuff, accuracy is everything. I am grateful to Joe for consistently going above and beyond!! Doesn’t hurt that he is a wonderful cat and easy to know!!! Thanks Joe! Dan.

  45. Fantastic Work by a professional.
    Thought I needed new fret’s.
    Joe did a basic fret job instead.
    Made a few minor adjustments and save me a lot of money.

  46. Heard about Joe’s craftsmanship from a few players on facebook. That prompted me to this site and these glowing reviews, and I can tell you they are dead on accurate. He set up my Ibanez ES-175 copy last week. It feels and plays perfectly. I too will now only bring guitars to Joe. Super nice guy, and really good fair prices for all he does. Tacoma is really lucky to have him around. Thanks Joe!

  47. Joe recently replaced the neck on one of my Strats, along with a new hand-cut bone nut. I picked the guitar up on Monday, and the following Sunday I played it at a festival in 93 degree heat and didn’t have to tune it once during our set! Bear in mind that I play in a Deep Purple tribute band, so trem usage is constant and wild to say the least. He is a true master of his craft. His attention to detail is unmatched. Highly recommended. He’s been working on my guitars since the mid 90’s; I only hope that he doesn’t retire! Thank you Joe!

  48. Have had several Guitars all are of need of “Joe’s great work.” They meaning other shops did not do their work correctly.
    It is nice to b able to have someone not just take your money. I trust his judgement and ability to make it better. You can only hope to get out of the instrument it screams “I am great” out in the world to be heard by others who love to listen to the best sounds you can produce.
    I forever in dept with Joe because I have so many to be helped, as he finds the “proper ability.” this “one” is going to forever grateful and satisfied. Two down and another 5 to go! Get ready for some love is what I say to them when delivering them.

  49. Joe was recommended to me by local professional musician Billy Stoops. This was a great recommendation. I had Joe set my Martin D18V and install a pickup. Joe did a great job. The guitar plays beautifully and the pickup is fantastic. I’ve played at out in public a couple of times now and everybody who heard before is highly complimentary on the improvement and quality of the sound. People think it sounds great! Thanks Joe.

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