Here you will find many of the services that I commonly provide. Keep in mind that I offer discounts when some of these are combined. I’m always happy to discuss options with you. Also, remember to check my PRODUCTS page, before buying parts or accessories elsewhere, so I can help you get the best results.


~The Deluxe Set-up Package~

My most popular service. I cover all of the details of a complete set-up, with precision detail. Your guitar will perform like never before. My best customers won’t even play a new acquisition, until I’ve performed this for them.


Intonation Correction

Neck and Truss Rod Adjustment

Nut Slot Correction

Bridge Adjustment

Clean Pots and Switches

Clean, Oil and Polish Frets and Fretboard

Re-String (cost of strings vary)



~Fret Re-Crown~

Leveling and re-dressing your frets is a great way to deal with fretwear, before its time for a full re-fret. Let me take a look to see if this is an option for your instrument.



~Best Value Combo~

Combining the above 2 services together is only 179.


~Complete Re-fret~

Replace your tired old frets with a complete new set. You will also enjoy the playability of beautifully finished fret ends. Prices vary, depending on neck construction.

from 275.


~Hand-Carved Bone Nut~

This can correct many tuning problems, caused by strings binding up on a plastic or poorly made nut and improve the tone and sustain of open strings.



~Hand-Carved Bone Saddle for Acoustic~

This, like the bone nut, will improve tuning, tone and intonation and is hand-compensated, when necessary. Bone is a superior material to most of it’s imitations.



~Electronic Repairs/Services~

I offer many different electronic repairs and upgrades, including; installation of pickups, pots, switches, modifications, jacks, complete re-wiring etc. No job too large or too small.

from $29.95



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