1967 Gibson Trini Lopez ~Refinish/Restoration~ AFTER IMAGES

Thanks for coming back for a look at the results of this beautiful guitar. My customer Gary had his mind made up about changing the color from the original cherry finish to a different custom color from the Gibson chart of the time: Sparkling Burgundy. I didn’t have a good example of that color to go by and I don’t trust most formulas that others have made available. I find that many of them are not close enough to the original color for me and I have made my own formulas from original examples that have not aged over time. Fortunately, Gary has a great friend and bandmate in Mike McCready. Mike owns an original ES-335 that happens to have an original Sparkling Burgundy finish. Perfect! We borrowed it for a good inspection and I was able to determine the 2-part process and proper color tones for Gary’s Trini Lopez.

The gold “Gibson” logo had to be replaced, if I was going to be able to make the headstock face look right. These are not available from Gibson, even for an Authorized Service Center like me…nothing aftermarket either. I had wanted to have some authentic transfer logos made up, for some time, so this was the perfect excuse to take the task by the horns. The results are even more authentic to the logos used in the 50’s and 60’s than Gibson has produced for over 30 years. I was happy.

I was also able to supply a couple of original parts that were missing from the picture. I happen to have a complete set of knobs and an original ABR-1 bridge and saddles that are correct for 1967.

I wasn’t able to get in a full photo session of the finished product, but here are a few that I shot, just before Gary arrived to pick up his newly refinished and restored beauty.









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