1952 Fender Telecaster – Refinish / Restoration

Here’s another classic vintage guitar coming my way for a spin in the time machine. My friends Jay and Trevor Boone of Emerald City Guitars entrusted me with the honor of bring this beauty back to the future, changing the course of it’s past and bringing it back. That’s them in this photo with my other friend Billy Gibbons. (OK, I’ve only met him once, but he did start my wife’s floaty pen collection by giving her the first one!)

As you can see, it was the victim of a backyard weekend project for one of it’s former owner/abusers, who decided to paint it a beautiful shade of kitchen yellow.

Maybe they were sick and tired of the Kelly Green project that someone else had done.

Its amazing how many of these restorations reveal how hastily the previous painter were. I commonly find paint inside of cavities, covering switches, wires and even pickups.

The bright side of this project is the fact that all of the original parts are still with us.

The original signature, date and infamous “D” stamp have been nicely preserved in the neck pocket. I had to make sure to keep this all in tact as I removed the finish.

The headstock was void of the original logo, so I will have to order one from Fender to re-brand this guitar. As an Authorized Service Center, I can send images to Fender as proof that I’m restoring a genuine article and they will supply me the appropriate decal.

When I started, there were no signs of the beautiful Ash grain under all those layers of paint.

Stay tuned and I’ll soon share photos of the final assembly of this beautiful black guard Telecaster.