1971 Fender Jazz Bass – Lake Placid Blue (finally!)

Well, this one’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally finished. I’ve been sharing the re-finishing process with you, but this baby wasn’t ready until the wiring harness was restored, as well. The pickups and two of the pots were original, but the tone pot had been replaced, sometime in the 80’s. Whoever performed that task also decided to get creative with the rest of the wiring; adding unnecessary wires and solder globs to the party. Here is the look I achieved by adding a vintage pot and NOS capacitor to the tone circuit. All extra wires have been cleanly removed and replaced with a proper job.



"like new again"



So, here it is: the finished product! And boy does it sound and play like a dream! This beautiful bass is now officially for sale. It will soon be available on ebay, or you can contact me, beforehand, if you’re interested. Thanks for looking!


2 thoughts on “1971 Fender Jazz Bass – Lake Placid Blue (finally!)

  1. Joseph, I am showing your website to a new friend I met here in Chelan. His name is Joe Stenmitz and he will be contacting you about musical stuff! Love you, Carmela

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