Back To The Jazz Bass

Here’s a quick update on the 1972 Fender Jazz Bass, from an earlier facebook post. (much earlier) This is a job that nobody likes, including me. Today I have finally decided to strip the finish from this classic bass. It was poorly refinished, long ago, with a thick and hard polyurethane-type product. You know: something that grandpa might have suggested, back in the day. Although a bad decision back then, today we are starting a proper procedure:

A Real Can Of Worms

Stripping an old finish like this is a messy job. There’s no way around it, especially when the finish is too thick and requires multiple passes of paint remover, just to get close to the wood.

Signs Of The Past

I’ve decided to leave a bit of the original Lake Placid Blue finish to authenticate the Fender body as well as verifying the original custom color.

LP Blue 2

Lake Placid Blue

It’s a real challenge, when refinishing, to retain the original curves and contours of the body. You can go too far and make them look unauthentic. I like to be really careful, during the last removal and use a sander to make sure that I’m staying level, and not distorting the lines.

Almost There

This was an all-day project, but it payed off with great results. It always does when you put time into the prep stages. It’s easy to get impatient, but a thorough job here will ensure that the undercoats and top coats will go on smoothly and look professional. Stay tuned, I’m not stopping here!


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