Honey, I ran over my guitar!

I recently got an e-mail from a good customer that was very worried about saving his guitar after backing over it with the family van! OUCH!

He stated that he had forgotten about setting it down after removing it from the back. Fortunately, it was in a hardshell case when this happened.

(Photo staged for dramatic effect!)

broken guitar cracked


The case had definitely done its job and was destroyed beyond repair. The guitar had its share of bumps and bruises, including top and side separation, missing chunks of wood from the side and binding damage.
side crack delaminate

Laminated sides can get a bit messy


Binding separated and shifted from its track

After manipulating things back into place and gluing the top and sides back together, I was able to get the binding back in place and repair its distorted state back in to form. A bit of wood filler was required where the laminated sides had lost a chunk, but I was able to match the original color and feather in the lacquer finish around the repair area, quite nicely.

Guild D-1E

This was a happy ending to a story that had a very scary start. Brad was very happy with the results and is shopping for a new hardshell case, I’m sure!


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